Chocolate tasting kit

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If you want to take your chocolate tasting experience to the next level then this kit created by Eagranie Yuh is just what you’ve been looking for. As well as a small book about chocolate tasting (what to look for, how to taste it, how to describe what you’re tasting) the flash cards help prompt the flavours and textures you might be experiencing, and how to describe them in words. The kit comes with a large number of sheets to keep your own tasting notes – it’s fascinating to see how the same bar can taste different in different settings, and how your notes develop over time as your vocabulary expands and becomes more confident. A must have for any budding chocolate lover!

Don’t take our word for it – watch Barbie Van Horn experience it below.

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A great way to learn how to taste chocolate – complete with tasting guide, note pad & flavour cards, this kit is all you need to take your chocolate tasting to a new level. Want to see it action check out this wonderful review.

A massive thank you for the tasting kit!! It’s brilliantly designed and will be such an asset in increasing my taste vocabulary. Thank you!! Jessica. Melbourne.