Daintree Estates – Signature Milk


This is a creamy milk chocolate, but it still has an intense cocoa flavour. The added sweet notes of vanilla give an almost caramel essence.

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Cocoa content: 45%
Origin: Australia
Beans: Daintree Estates, Australia
Made in: Mossman, Australia

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In 2011, Daintree Estates became the first company to make chocolate from single origin cocoa beans grown in Australia, and one of an elite handful of ‘tree-to-bar’ chocolate makers in the world. As well as Australian cocoa, they also use Australian sugar and dairy ingredients in their chocolates. Located in the pristine heart of the Daintree region, they work with local growers, many of whom are third and fourth generation farmers in the region. The Daintree Estates’ growers are both suppliers and shareholders in the company, which operates as a genuine co-operative enterprise. See more