Duffy’s – Cocoa nibs & oak-smoked salt


This is a creamy milk chocolate, with the added crunch of nibs. The oaksmoked salt adds a subtle smoky
flavour and lovely melt in the mouth texture.

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Cocoa content: 43%
Origin: Camino Verde, Ecuador
Beans: Nacional
Made in: Lincolnshire, UK
Awards: Academy of Chocolate Bronze, 2016

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Duffy Sheardown has an obsessive attention to detail that results in award winning chocolate that tastes great. However, he is also committed to doing the right thing for the chocolate industry, and is of the cocoa producers behind Direct Cocoa with Martin Christy of SeventyPercent.com. Direct cocoa is a model of cocoa sales which aims to improve on Fair Trade by putting a focus on the quality of the bean, and being prepared to pay a premium for that. With no middlemen, the extra pay for the beans goes direct to the farmer, and their community.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4twSt_ff-Y&rel=0 See more