Ethereal Confections – Caramel almond, nibs, salt


This is a classically rich dark chocolate, with the added sweetness of caramelised almonds, the crunch of cocoa nibs & offset by a sprinkle of salt.

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Cacao content: 72%
Inclusion: Caramel almonds, nibs, salt
Made in: Woodstock, Illinois, USA

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Beans (origin)

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Michael, Mary and Sarah are passionate about food. They love eating it, sharing it, creating it and savouring it. This shines through in their passion for bean-to-bar chocolate, where they do things the hard way because even though it might not be the quickest or cheapest way, it results in the best product.They started their business with just a small pot of their own savings and a whole lot of passion. Now, as well as making chocolate, they have a cafe, run classes and collaborate with other craft food and beverage brands. See more