Exploding Tree – Dark & Nibs


This 75% Ghanaian dark chocolate is topped with nibs to give you a beautiful crunchy texture. Sweetened with coconut sugar.

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The first chocolate factory we ever visited. We brought bars from Allison home from Ireland with us when we started Bean Bar You 5 years ago! In 2021 we're reliving our first box and celebrating how far we've come. Allison rebranded Clonakilty Chocolate as Exploding Tree and now features the beautiful town on her packaging (all drawn by a 13 year old customer).Allison fell in love with making chocolate as a 12 year old in Canada. Now based in the small seaside town of Clonakilty, on Ireland’s picturesque south coast, she makes chocolate that is handcrafted and stone ground from the bean. Passionate about creating an ethical product, Allison uses only fair-trade cocoa and sugar bought directly from farming cooperatives in developing countries. Allison says “We make chocolate that is good for our bodies and our communities.” Clonakilty chocolate comes in 100% biodegradable packaging, and is delivered in the local area by bicycle!  See more