Firetree Chocolate – Solomon Islands Oat Milk


With the aroma of overnight oats soaked in honey, this Oat Mylk chocolate bar erupts with flavour notes of sweet honey, nutty toasted oats and creamy buttermilk. The oat mylk adds to this by giving the chocolate a luxurious smooth and creamy texture and mouth feel. A fantastic introduction to oat mylk chocolate.

Ingredients: Unrefined sugar, cocoa butter, Oat flour, rice powder, Solomon Islands chocolate (55% cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter), cocoa powder, vegetable oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavourings.

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Weight65 g
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Firetree Chocolate was founded by industry veterans David Zulman and Martyn O’Dare – with over 90 years in the chocolate between them. They understand that a really good chocolate bar begins with the expertise of a cocoa farmer and finishes with a Chocolate Maker who understands that every single step of the process – from roasting to conching - can shape the end taste experience. They're passionate about taste, provenance, cocoa pedigree, rarity, and their hand-picked team of island farmers - who they know by name.To create their rich volcanic chocolate, Firetree Chocolate directly source all of their own cocoa from single estates on volcanic islands, mostly in the South Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, as they believe that the unique flavour profiles found in these cocoa beans are second-to-none. When you choose Firetree, you’ll be choosing to experience rare cocoa that makes up less than 0.2% of the world’s cocoa beans grown today.Firetree’s collection is dairy-and-nut-free, vegan-friendly, kosher and halal. See more