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Although not a high cocoa content, this bar has rich earthy flavours which complement the jammy sweetness. There are also notes of malt, and a textured finish due to his unique processes.

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Cocoa content: 68%
Beans: Trinitario
Origin: Salinas de Guaranda, Ecuador
Made in: Orange, NSW, Australia

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Matt Chimenti is based in Orange, and has just expanded the Origin Chocolate factory. He has moved from a small home kitchen to a purpose-built shed in his back yard. And with demand for his chocolate growing, you can see why.Unlike many bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Matt does not roast or winnow his organic, fair trade cocoa beans before grinding them. This is cocoa at its most unprocessed, and gives a unique product which is high in fibre and antioxidants. Add to this Matt’s quest to bring out the unique flavours of the cocoa origin and you have very complex and hearty chocolate. See more