Ruket – Honduras 72%


This bar is made using beans from the Xoco Cooperative, who search for farmers willing to produce high quality, organic cacao at altitude. It is lightly roasted and then ground for 72 hours to give smooth, silky finish.

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Cocoa content: 72%
Origin: Honduras
Made in: St Agostino, Italy

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Just north of Bologna in northern Italy is the town of St Agostino. It is here that Alessandro & Marco started an ice cream shop in 2013. With a passion for all things natural, they focused on making simple, natural ice cream daily. As they explored the origin of each ingredient they used, they became fascinated with the origins of chocolate.They now strive to make chocolate with just a few carefully selected ingredients. They process it as little as possible to preserve the distinctive qualities of the raw materials. Their craftsmanship lies in the simple, respectful and patient processes they use. See more