ShaBar – 70% Nakhon Sri Thammarat


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Weight55 g
Percentage cacao



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Our first chocolate maker from Thailand. Shabar have been making chocolate in Bangkok since 2017. Thai cacao became popular in the craft chocolate scene in the 2019 as the next interesting origin. This fascination has driven more local awareness of fine quality cacao and chocolate in the region an has resulted even more local options for local bean to bar makers.  Shabar currently specialise in two local regions (Chanthaburi and Prachaub) but have also begun playing with other cacao locations.They upgraded their packaging in 2020 to gorgeous little boxes.  We'd been trying for a few years to get some from Thailand and Shabar figured a way to navigate the global logistical challenges of 2021 to make it possible.  We hope to share more of these gorgeous little bars with Australia again soon. See more