Time for Easter

Real craft chocolate made from the bean

Each year the shops fill with chocolate bunnies and eggs for Easter. While we are never one’s to turn down an opportunity to eat more chocolate, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on where these bunnies and eggs come from.  Most of them are mass-produced, using chocolate that is filled with sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives and other fillers. The little cocoa they do contain is probably unethically traded.

So why not consider leaving the bunnies and the eggs on the shelf this year, and buying bean-to-bar Easter gifts instead? We have gorgeous Easter Eggs by the Wellington Chocolate Factory. These dark chocolate eggs are not only made of delicious organically grown and ethically sourced cacao, but they also include a surprise chick inside! We also have just a few of the cutest bunnies you’ve ever seen. From the Chocolate Tree in Scotland, the organic chocolate bunnies will not only benefit your taste-buds, but also help the cacao farmers of Peru. For a truly special Easter treat, why not order a matching bar from Wellington Chocolate Factory or the Chocolate Tree to accompany your egg or bunny, so that you can run your own Easter chocolate tasting!

Which one will you choose? We highly recommend them both!