Australian Easter Chocolate 2024

Wow, another amazing year of Easter creations for Australia’s “Bean to Bar” craft chocolate makers.

We’ve tried to keep up and list all the works of art and we’ll try and keep it updated.

Also check out our Instagram story as that will update faster too.

Australian Chocolate Makers’ Easter offerings

Atypic Chocolate

Never too late to score an Atypic Easter gem, very stylish Chicken and cute bunnies available at the South Melbourne Market.

Australian Chocolate Farm (N QLD)

For those of you lucky to live or be travelling up in far north Queensland, you can visit the source of chocolate – some of Australia’s very own cacao plantations. On the way to the Daintree, you’ll find The Australian Chocolate Farm. After many years, they have now opened their café and public tours. Stop by and collect some of these special easter bunnies.

Cabosse & Feve (VIC)

These guys have a single “bean to bar” egg within their large collection (use coverture chocolate for their other eggs).

Charley’s Chocolate (North QLD)

Easter themed hampers, bars + 6 packs of Bunnies.

Bahen & Co (WA)

Gorgeous Coffee and Chocolate Easter Egg

Cuvee Chocolate (VIC)

Cuvee had their 4 amazing eggs but they look like they’re all gone.

Gabriel Chocolate (WA)

Gabriel had a few bunnies and eggs + family hampers but they’re all gone. You may have luck if you drive past Yallingup!

Hunted + Gathered (Melbourne)

Try their new Roasted Buckwheat bar or order a one of their all bar discovery packs.

Jasper & Myrtle (Canberra)

Bunnies and Eggs for all of Canberra

Kkao Chocolate (Brisbane)

Bunnies, Eggs, themed chocolate cards – choose from 43 different Easter products!

South Pacific Cacao (Sydney)

Ethical easter eggs are back!

Spencer Cocoa (Mudgee + NSW)

Bunnies bunnies bunnies all over NSW See their Instagram posts for locations you can find them all over NSW!

Ratio Cocoa (Melbourne)

Bunnies, eggs, bunnies in eggs~!

Mork Chocolate (Melbourne)

Origami Bunnies, half-dozen eggs (also available in a vegan option)

Woodfire Chocolate Maker (WA)

Wow, this is amazing, the first time we’ve ever see a ceramic easter egg holder. Only 6 of these so get in quick!

Zokoko (Western Sydney)

Eggs, bunnies and cake (if you can visit)!

Bean Bar You – Easter offerings

If you would like something delivered we have a few treats (fresh eggs and bars from NZ) + some 2023 Easter moon bars from Living Koko.

Our biggest order between between 23rd March and midnight on the 25th March will win a bonus Legend of the Double Yolker Easter Egg from NZ’s Baron Hasselhoff’s.

Happy Easter Everyone! 🐰