May boxes – A special treat

We are excited by the chocolates we send out every month, but we were particularly proud of this month’s selection. To start with, Fossa chocolates was one of the first chocolate makers we met with when we started thinking about starting a bean-to-bar chocolate subscription – over 12 months ago. But because he had a non-compete clause in his contract with his previous chocolate making employer, Jay has had to wait until now to release his chocolate. We knew 12 months ago that they would be good, but we hope you agree they were worth the wait. He has spent the time refining his processes and produced some delicious chocolate.

Next, the bars from Pump Street Bakery, one of the icons of bean-to-bar chocolate in the UK. These bars are made by a father and daughter team in Suffolk who decided to apply their highly successful approach to making bread by hand with traditional ingredients and all natural ingredients to making chocolate. Turns out this works really well for chocolate, and they have won awards at all the major chocolate festivals. Their milk chocolate with rye crumb and sea salt was a particular favourite in our house!

From Sweden we brought you bars from Vintage Plantations, who run a dairy and nut free facility. Their amazing flavoured bars were a highlight this month, with a salted licorice bar that could blow your socks off, and a delightfully very berry bar using native cranberries. For the purists we also included a single origin dark chocolate which was smooth and strong without being bitter.

Finally, our Australian bar this month was from Bright Chocolates. The gorgeous boxes they come in are the first hint that these are chocolates which have been made with love and attention to detail. Both the dark and milk bars were smooth and showed off the cacao flavours beautifully. Another multi-awarding winning chocolate maker, their organic chocolates are wonderful and you should definitely visit next time you’re in the Victorian high country.

We have very limited stocks of this month’s bars available in our store if you missed out (or if you loved them so much you want more!), so get in quick. And don’t forget to let us know if there is a craft chocolate somewhere in the world that you would like to see in Australia – we’ll do our best!