2018 06 – Chocolate made at origin

In June 2018 we were delighted to bring our subscribers three bars made and grown in the in the same country i.e. “made at origin”. As a special bonus, three of the bars were made in the southern hemisphere.

Luisa Abram have just won 3 Academy of Chocolate awards for the 2016 versions of three of bars we tried this month. The red Rio Acura bar won a Gold medal & the brown Rio Purus 70% and 81% both won Bronze. What did you think? The boxes are gorgeous! We’re sad they’ve abandoned their intricate origami paper wrapping but the foil is now used to keep them fresh.

Kimmy’s Chocolate is the story of an enterprising local who returned to Vietnam to help make the Tien Giang region a well known chocolate destination. Their bars are made with vanilla which may add/subtract from the flavour depending on your preference, but the great cocoa is a firm foundation.

Krakakoa is a pearl of Indonesian chocolate. Winning awards all over Asia these guys are proudly celebrating the variations in local cacao. Their moulds are simply memorising and tell the story of cacao.

Metiisto Chocolate is a really exciting development in Australian chocolate. Originally from Sweden, they have recently relocated to Queensland to continue making their award winning chocolate. The guys have just launched a factory tour – every Saturday you can see how Metiisto chocolate is made.