2018 07 – Old favourites and new friends

Winter is now in full swing! It’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a few special squares of your favourite chocolate. One of our all time favourite chocolate makers is Dick Taylor. Every single thing about their bars gives us that special fuzzy feeling.

Federation Chocolate are the first small batch Bean To Bar chocolate maker in Tasmania. They’re no stranger to chocolate factories – Hobart is the home of the Australia’s Cadbury factory (~13 years ago we shared our first ever chocolate tour there). Helen and Maurice took over Federation a few years ago and want to gradually convert their couverture based business into one that makes their own chocolate.

Soul Chocolate comes to us from Toronto Canada. We’ve been keen to try these gorgeous little bars for a while – the artistic wrapping contrasts with the simple bars. One of the things we love about a box of chocolate is trying the variety between bars and especially  the opportunity to try an extra little flavour.

Akesson’s had some of the highest rated bars from our 2016 bars. Their dark milk is one of the finest there is & this month our dark subscribers tried the same bar made without the milk. A few of us tried their famous white chocolate bar made from their own Madagascan plantation – so creamy and delicious.

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is a special treat for us again.We couldn’t bear it any longer and many of our subscribers hadn’t had the opportunity to try them yet. We shared their Black Fig, Brown Butter and the trusty Belize – all really amazing bars with well deserved awards.