A world of calm – The gift of Chocolate

After such a huge 2020 it was great to sit down and relax with some special TV brought to us by SBS. The “World of calm” series 1 is airing this week and episode 9 is called “The gift of chocolate”.

There was some brilliant footage of the Belize rainforests and one of the local tree to bar chocolate makers, Cheil Mayan Products. They had brilliant footage of the harvesting but skipped fermentation (described only as as “requires dedication and patience”). Missing such a key element of process of cacao production is pretty major but a hot gooey mess doesn’t make great television when compared with spectacular slow-motion footage of raking dried beans so it’s understandable. Apart from that, the program was lovely and a great summary of wonderful background to chocolate and the people who make it.

Watch it online until the 21st March 2021.