2021 03 – Our 50th birthday!

Welcome to the start of the 2021 Bean Bar You craft chocolate collection. As we bid farewell to another summer we launch right into our March box. It’s a special one for us as it’s our 50th month of running Australia’s premier chocolate subscription. Yep, it’s our 50th birthday!!

We really can’t believe that we’ve sent so many boxes. We are so focused on finding great chocolates to share with people that we hadn’t realised.

It is also 5 years since we started Bean Bar You (though we didn’t send our first boxes until August). Looking back, it seemed like such a simple thing to do but there are so many fun challenges to keep everything running smoothly. We’ve shared thousands of bars (~480 unique products) from 126 different chocolate makers from around the world. Our goal was always to support craft chocolate makers and facilitate Australian access to the bean to bar makers of the world. We have so many exciting improvements we have planned and we can’t wait to share some of them with you this year.

The March 2021 subscription chocolates feature: Karuna Chocolate (Italy), Raglan Chocolate (New Zealand), Tobago Estate cocoa (made in France) & Charley’s Chocolate (Queensland).

Four amazing craft chocolate makers. The three international chocolates are all organically certified and the Australian is a “tree to bar” chocolate (a bar made by the cacao growers – rare and special).

Charley’s Mount Edna cacao was recently included in the Cocoa Of Excellence competition “Top 50 cacaos in the world”. That’s amazing for Australian cacao and reflects the great work they’re doing maintaining the trees and carefully fermenting and drying the beans. If you’re interested in cacao flavours, we highly recommend ordering one of each of their 3 dark bars and seeing how the variety and micro-climates affect the final chocolate.

Our 50th Mixed Bean to Bar Chocolate box
Our 50th Birthday subscription box. Bars from Raglan, Karuna, Tobago Estates and Charley’s Chocolate.