Valentine’s Day chocolate 2023

Craft chocolate is made with care and love. Every melting mouthful will sweep you away to a beautiful place. Australia’s chocolate makers have once again created some amazing special treats this Valentine’s day. They are all designed to make your partner feel loved and cosy. If you had a Valentine’s Day wish list you’d put these on it.

Chocolate is one of the most complex, interesting and delicious foods in the world. More than just an edible treat, craft chocolate is helping improve the sustainability of the cacao industry. Not only do you get delicious chocolate, but it’s also making the world a better place!

All the features below link you straight to the maker’s website. These are not affiliate links, we just love sharing all the amazing things that Australia’s chocolate makers have pulled together for Valentine’s day in 2023!

We are wishing you a lovely day with your special loved ones!

Special edition Australian chocolate bars

Both makers with special edition bars are in Melbourne. If you’re in the express post network you may still be able to get some delivered to your door. Otherwise, you can drool & be jealous of your Melbourne friends + check out some of the other offerings below.

Birsnake Chocolate – Valentine’s Cherry & Coconut bar

If you love strong red fruit flavours, then you’ll love their latest creation. Made with Birdsnake’s latest Peru cacao (packed full of red berry flavour), the glace cherries make this a warm and fuzzy combination. They’ve called it “Ooh yep” but we think “Mmmmm” would have a perfect name too.

Link to the order page for Birsnake’s special edition Cherry & Coconut bar

Hunted + Gathered – Cherry Almond bar

Cherry is the key ingredient this year. The combination with Almonds is a great idea and we can’t wait to try it. There are gorgeous chunks of nuts and cherries mixed in the chocolate. This special edition bar from Hunted + Gathered will be a special treat if your loved one loves a little crunch in their bar.

Link to Hunted + Gathered’s Cherry Almond bar

Valentines chocolate treats

There are some amazing special creations being made for Valentine’s day this year.

Zokoko Chocolate – Hearts

For those in Sydney, Zokoko is your go-to chocolate factory. This Valentine’s day they have some beautiful caramel-filled chocolate hearts. Beautiful boxes of 12 are available in the shop – good luck making them last more than 12 minutes!

Ratio Cocoa Roasters – Hearts

For the Melbourne locals that have big hearts, these gorgeous packs of Hearts can be picked up from Ratio Cocoa Roasters in Brunswick or ordered online.

Charley’s Chocolate – Hearts + Valentine’s Day Range

As well as hearts, you can get your favourite Charley’s Chocolate bar with Valentine’s day theme packaging.

Charley’s Chocolate Valentine’s day specials

17 Rocks – Chocolate Cards, LOVE range

Brisbane’s only craft chocolate maker can supply you with a wide range of “Chocolate cards” to really send your message home.

Haighs Chocolate – Valentine’s day range

If you’re not tied to “craft chocolate” but still prefer chocolate that is made “from the bean” then Haigh’s is an easily accessible Australian-made chocolate. They have 22 items in their Valentine’s day collection. You can get them online or from any of their 21 stores in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne.

The 2023 Haigh’s Chocolate Valentine’s day collection

Living Koko – Gift packs

Legends of Living Koko have gone to the trouble of creating a special Valentine’s day page for their gift kits and pamper packages. Nothing specifically Valentine’s related but every day is Valentine’s day if you’re giving someone special a treat!

Valentine’s day events 2023

Mörk Chocolate and Desert tasting event

If we could get to Melbourne for the night we’d go to the Mörk X Loro Valentines Day Desert + Cocktail special event. You can check out their booking page (link above or via the image below. Fingers crossed they still have space!

Link to the order page for Mork’s amazing chocolate and cocktail event.

Jasper & Myrtle – Host your own chocolate + whiskey tasting event

If you’re in Canberra, you can still get your hands on one of these limited edition Chocolate + Whiskey pairing gift packs. Don’t wait, as there weren’t very many created and you have to collect from the chocolate factory 10:30-4:30.

Valentines chocolate drinks

Cuvée Chocolate – Hazel Espresso Martini⁠

If you’d rather stay at home and relax then you could try making this Espresso Martini recipe. We’re in!