Moka Origins

Moka Origins, co-founded by Jeff Abella and Ishan Tigunait, established their chocolate factory in Honesdale, Pennsylvania in August 2017. Having previously worked together at the Himalayan Institute Cameroon, Jeff and Ishan ventured into creating a cacao and food crop farm in the Mbo plains of Northwest Cameroon in 2015. This initiative, now known as Moka Farm, aims to provide local employment opportunities and foster food self-sufficiency within the community.
Situated on the Himalayan Institute’s premises, the chocolate (and coffee) factory is housed in a 1940’s dairy barn, which not only serves as a workspace but also offers an environment for tastings and educational purposes. Excited for the opportunity to visit one day, there are expansive walking trails and grounds to explore as well. Given Jeff and Ishan’s backgrounds, it comes as no surprise that sustainability and transparency form the core principles guiding Moka Origins. With every purchase, direct funds are generated to support their key projects: planting trees, community investment; sourcing ethically.
In the first 6 years, the operation has faciliated planting of almost 380,000 trees.