ORFÈVE is the first Swiss chocolate maker to be features in the Bean Bar You collection. Caroline Buechler and François-Xavier Mousin worked within the watch making industry until they discovered the world of craft chocolate and couldn’t resist the temptation to dive in. Since 2017 they have been gradually perfecting their new craft and the result is the precision you’d expect. The bars feature the spectacular Clous de Paris pattern one of the most used engraving patterns on classic watch faces.  It is a bold elegance and is a delight to photograph and even better to savour in chocolate form.

There’s been a long history of chocolate making in Switzerland unfortunately it’s nearly all industrial production, much in that sweet milk style that evolved from the first milk bar which was made with condensed milk back in 1875. Nearly everyone on the chocolate planet has tried something from 3 of the biggest chocolate companies in the world. Lindt (7th largest), Nestlé (6th largest) or Toblerone (owned by Mondelēz, the 3rd largest). Lindt has made great strides in increasing quality but now there there is growing craft chocolate makers who are raising the bar and developing a new recognition of quality. We’re so happy to discover this new side to swiss chocolate. Let’s all plan a trip to visit!


What watch makers become chocolate makers you get a precision sensory experience.