The Australian Chocolate Farm

Darryl and Jenny Kirk are the proud owners of one of the few working cacao farms you can visit in Australia.  15 minutes past Port Douglas, you can visit their café, take a guided tour of the plantation & learn all about how cacao is grown and chocolate is made.  You’ll be lucky to leave without having tried “too much” chocolate, and most likely have filled your bags with bars for your onward journey – we couldn’t dream of a better way to spend an afternoon.

Whilst cacao trees had been successfully growing in Queensland and Darwin, there wasn’t commercial cacao operations.  The Australian Chocolate Farm started in 2009 excellent research programs laid the foundation for the arrival of the true Australian chocolate.  12 years later they became of of the few cacao operations in the world to make the grade to be awarded in the “Cacao of Excellence” competition. Their Trinitario beans were included in the 2021 “top 50” cacaos in the world – a true signal that there is something exciting happening here.

You’ll likely have tried this special cacao via Charley’s Chocolate’s wonderful Shannonvale bar. Now you can try them direct from the source. They started production of their own chocolate in 2022 and have since built the visitor’s centre to house their production and café. Launching tours in 2023, the cyclones wiped out the tourist season they really needed.  We are honoured to be able to help share these special bars with you until you’re able to visit them in person (we’re already planning our next trip)!
One of the top 50 cacao's in the world (2021, Cacao of Excellence Awards).