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This chocolate is made with cacao sourced from the famous Somia Plantation (the Akesson estate) in Madagascar. This heirloom cacao is a perfect foundation for the first Bahen & Co milk chocolate. Launched in May 2021 it is already a popular bar and we’re delighted to add it to the Bean Bar You collection.

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Weight75 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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As a winemaker, Josh Bahen learnt the value of respecting origin and simple processes to highlight flavour. Bahen & Co have a deep curiosity about cacao and love exploring its complex flavours.As part of their commitment to traditional processes, Bahen & Co use a vintage Guitard Melangeur from 1910 and a 1930’s Ball Roaster. They also have great respect for the relationships they have with cacao farmers around the world. They apply the principles of mutual benefit, transparency and fairness to ensure the farmer’s efforts are appropriately rewarded. See more