Original Beans – Beni Wild Harvest


This chocolate comes from the Original Beans ‘rarest of the rare’ collection. It has a full-bodied flavour with hints of honey, apricot and tropical fruits, which complement the slight tartness.

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Cocoa content: 66%
Origin: Beni Amazon, Bolivia
Beans: Beniano
Made in: The Netherlands

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Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its dual passion for chocolate making and conservation. They have a ‘Bean Team’ who travel to the most remote rain-forests in the world to pursue rare cacao beans.Original Beans are committed to making chocolate that replenishes the bio-diverse forests where cacao grows. By examining the energy efficiency of their production, and using green logistics and bio-compostable packaging, they have become CO2-positive. Their motto is ‘making the world better through chocolate’. See more