Castronovo – Tumaco, Colombia – Dark Milk 60% (Signature Collection)


On the Pacific coast of Colombia lies the region of Tumaco, an area where Afro-Colombians live in near isolation and engage in subsistence agriculture on the jungle lowland with a few cash crops like cacao. The region is troubled with violence due to its location as a port city and fine cacao offers an opportunity for a positive change in the area. This dark milk chocolate has delicate citrus fruit, honey, and floral flavours.

AWARDS: World Gold Winner 2019 International Chocolate Awards World Finals – Micro-batch Plain origin Milk Chocolate bars category. USA Gold Winner 2019 International Chocolate Awards – Micro-batch Plain origin Milk Chocolate bars category. World Bronze Winner 2018 International Chocolate Awards. Silver Winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021, 2020 & 2019. Good Food Awards Winner 2018. Silver Winner of the International Chocolate Awards Americas Semifinals 2017 & 2019. Bronze Winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018 & 2017

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Weight62 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Denise Castronovo describes herself as an Ecopreneur, Chocolate Maker & Ecologist. Even in High School Denise committed herself to protecting the environment and "developing sustainable solutions". She developed an interest in rainforest ecology and the learnt the potential of rainforest produce as means for sustainably protecting this important ecosystem. "The best way to nurture conservation is to enhance the market for cacao, so that it improves the livelihood for communities who have lived among the rainforest for generations and act as its key protector." She learnt more about the cultivation of fine flavour cacao and how the resulting chocolate was an opportunity to strengthen sustainable use of the rainforest from there it's the usual one-way street to chocolate making.Her motivation hasn't changed and Denise has since won more awards for her chocolate than nearly any other chocolate maker and, more importantly, is making a difference at every opportunity. We first tasted Castronovo chocolate on our travels to the US in 2017 and we're so happy to finally be able to share these amazing bars with you. See more