Chocolarder – Ashaninka


Chocolarder source the beans for this bar direct from farmers in the Amazonian rainforest. With flavours of tropical fruits, apple and nuts this is a delicious dark chocolate.

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Cocoa content: 70%
Origin: Peru
Beans: Criollo
Made in: Cornwall, UK
Awards: Academy of Chocolate, Bronze 2016

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Although he had a successful career as a pastry chef, Mike started Chocolarder in 2012 as a fun way to spend his days. He sources his cacao beans direct from farmers around the world that use organic and pesticide-free farming methods. As we as being committed to the farmers, and the flavour, Chocolarder is also committed to the environment. They transport their beans from origin to Cornwall in the UK by sail boat, for the lowest possible carbon emissions. In addition, all their packaging is 100% recycled and recylable. See more