Foundry – Mini chocolate eggs – Kilombero valley, Tanzania 70%


“We’ve crafted our refreshingly assertive and award wining single origin Kilombero Valley, Tanzania chocolate into delectable bite sized miniature chocolate eggs just in time for Easter. Nestled between the rice fields and sugar cane plantations of the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania are masterful farmers growing outstanding organic cacao. We use this to craft an assertive chocolate layered with a refreshing crispness. While Kilombero Valley, Tanzania evokes flavours of baked stone fruit, Christmas cake and cherries it’s simply the cacao’s origin talking – plus organic cane sugar and our obsession for preserving the flavours of provenance. And because your senses are unique, you may discover characters and aromas others may not – that’s the magic of Foundry Chocolate.”

70g per pack. Each pack contains approximately 16 solid half eggs.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar. No added cacao butter, lecithin or vanilla.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and 100% Plant Based.

The chocolate eggs are packaged in a 100% cellulose bioplastic Natureflex bag, that is certified home compostable.

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Weight70 g
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Foundry Chocolate is New Zealand's newest chocolate maker and we're excited to get them into your hands. Focusing on elegant, two ingredient, chocolate David and Janelle are on a mission to celebrate "the personalities" of the world’s cacao. Each region presents something different an d the Foundry process is modified to accentuate these flavour profiles. David has adopted the scientific aspects whilst Janelle has created the experience they lays before you now. Enjoy! See more