Foundry – Semuliki Forest, Uganda 90%


The first new bar to launch at Foundry Chocolate in 2023 – the 90% version of their famous 70% Uganda bar. Same special beans but one third of the sugar.

Seriously dark yet surprisingly light, this 90% bar showcases the delicate silkiness of Semuliki Forest cacao. In the heat and humidity of Western Uganda, smallholder farmers are producing the extraordinary organic cacao that goes into making this delicious 90% bar. This incredible location results in a delicate dark chocolate that evokes toasted almonds, strawberries and a just hint of marshmallowMade with just two ingredients – Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar. No added cacao butter.”

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Weight70 g
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Foundry Chocolate is New Zealand's newest chocolate maker and we're excited to get them into your hands. Focusing on elegant, two ingredient, chocolate David and Janelle are on a mission to celebrate "the personalities" of the world’s cacao. Each region presents something different an d the Foundry process is modified to accentuate these flavour profiles. David has adopted the scientific aspects whilst Janelle has created the experience they lays before you now. Enjoy! See more