Foundry – Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico 70%


In Soconusco, Southern Mexico there’s a dedicated group of farmers rediscovering and rescuing forgotten, heirloom varieties of cacao. Their efforts result in a confident, mysterious and comforting chocolate. Look for a contrast of fruity tang and warm, silky nuttiness.

AWARDS: Academy of Chocolate 2020 Silver, NZ Chocolate Awards 2020 Gold

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Beans (origin)

Foundry Chocolate is New Zealand's newest chocolate maker and we're excited to get them into your hands. Focusing on elegant, two ingredient, chocolate David and Janelle are on a mission to celebrate "the personalities" of the world’s cacao. Each region presents something different an d the Foundry process is modified to accentuate these flavour profiles. David has adopted the scientific aspects whilst Janelle has created the experience they lays before you now. Enjoy! See more