Foundry – Tanzania infused w/Thomson Two Tone 70%


“Say hello to our delightful new creation, Kilombero Valley x Thomson Two Tone Whisky. We’ve infused one of our favourite origins, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania with almost irresponsible lashings of New Zealand’s own Thomson Two Tone Whisky. It’s playful, it’s luxurious and it’s a very limited edition.

This splendid fusion of flavour will enchant your palate with notes of comforting dark fruits, silky vanilla and a lingering oakiness that’ll leave you demanding more.

This delightful, limited-edition 70% bean to bar chocolate began with organic cacao from the 2020 harvest by smallholder farmers of Kilombero, Tanzania. We then immersed these exquisite cacao nibs in New Zealand’s own Thomson Two Tone Whisky until they were fat, juicy and bursting with character.

Janelle designed the limited edition packaging to represent the two ‘tones’ in the two types of oak casks used to mature the blended whisky; European oak which formerly held New Zealand red wine and American white oak used exclusively for whisky.

It’s only once a year that we release a limited special edition, each bar and microbatch is numbered, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!”

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Foundry Chocolate is New Zealand's newest chocolate maker and we're excited to get them into your hands. Focusing on elegant, two ingredient, chocolate David and Janelle are on a mission to celebrate "the personalities" of the world’s cacao. Each region presents something different an d the Foundry process is modified to accentuate these flavour profiles. David has adopted the scientific aspects whilst Janelle has created the experience they lays before you now. Enjoy! See more