Friis-Holm – Dark Milk 55%


Semi-dark chocolate with rounded flavours of cocoa and sweetness and notes of dark cream. Made with cocoa beans from Nicaragua, cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

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Mikkel Friis-Holm was one of Europe’s first Craft Chocolate makers. A chef, working in San Francisco in the 90s, Mikkel met bean to bar pioneers Scharffenberger and began experimenting with cacao. Between 2007 and 2014 chocolate was made in collaboration with friends Bonnat and since 2014 Mikkel has made everything in Denmark (the only new chocolate factory there in 50 years). He’s won dozens of awards over the years and continues to play with cacao to see how flavour changes (e.g. slow/fast drying cacao, long/short/poor fermentations). Enjoy this special treat. See more