Gaston Chocolat – 70% Raw


A rich dark chocolate made using the best cocoa beans grown in Vanuatu. This bar is made with, well sterilised, unroasted cacao (we prefer the term unroasted to raw as some people attached a specific temperature definition of “raw” food – chocolate exceeds that temperature in the process of stone grinding). It takes a lot of work to find beans which work really well as unroasted chocolate – they need to be really well fermented and dried, meticulously clean.  Olivier and the team have such close working relationships with their cacao partners that this is possible and they found a great bean to make this bar. Already winning awards on the world stage it’s time you tried an unroasted bar even in you’re not into “raw” food.

Awards: 2021 Academy of Chocolate awards Silver, International Chocolate Awards, Silver 2020.


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Weight68 g
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Established in 2017 head chocolate maker Olivier Fernandez started Gaston Chocolat in partnership with Australian David Cram. In their small factory on the main street of Port-Vila they have a gorgeous shop where you can taste their bars and see how the chocolate is made.When they’re not making chocolate you’ll find Olivier riding his motorbike around the islands to meet with cacao farmers working to ensure great beans are available to make great chocolate. Meanwhile David is working on agriculture and community development projects throughout the Pacific. See more