Heist Chocolate – Orange 70%


“Heist 70% dark chocolate blended with aromatic orange oil.”

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, sugar, organic cocoa butter, orange oil.

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Weight80 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Beans (variety)



Our first Welsh chocolate maker! Mikey Lewis makes his chocolate in hometown Cardiff.  Starting in 2016, he was inspired by his dad's interest in importing chocolate, couldn't resist learning how to make it himself.  Mikey built his first chocolate factory in a very friendly co-working space (if you've ever visited a chocolate factory you'll appreciate that the aroma of roasting cacao can make anyone smile but the stone grinders are noisy and relentless). He outgrew this space in 2020 and upgraded machines to cope with the high demand for his chocolate bars.Heist's 5 standard bars now stand alongside a few special treats for special occasions (e.g. Rose milk for Valentines, Lemon tart for Easter).  They feature the most unique packaging we've ever seen - The only self insulated packaging we've ever come across, they're ideal for our Australian climate.  Recycled paper pulp inside brown paper liners & sealed with a line of stitching.  Also the only sewn-sealed chocolate bars on the planet!? Don't worry, once you've satisfyingly opened the pouch you can reseal it with a paper lined sticky strip.   All this is complete with creative and colourful designs by local artist Ellie Fulcher.  Inside you'll discover a beautiful gold foil bar, complete with custom mould. You won't ever forget your first Heist Chocolate. See more