Karuna – Belize Slow Dried


This bar is made with organic cacao grown by Mopan Maya farmers (near San Jose, Toledo in Belize). The fermentation is standard but the drying protocol is considered “slow” and results in tasting notes of: Caramel, molasses, dry fruits, nuts. If you’re interested in post-harvest influences cacao, keep some of this bar and compare it to their “fast dried” bar (made with the same beans).

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Katya and Armin chanced upon cacao and how chocolate is made during a trip to India. They discovered the world of people making craft chocolate and started experimenting right away. After a few years, they realised they wanted to make it professional and in 2018 started the first craft chocolate business in the beautiful South Tyrol region. T 2020 was a difficult year for the region but Karuna was well supported by community spirit and strong local support. Their passion for environment and organic ingredients shines through in chocolate as well as the packaging and designs - enjoy this special bar. See more