Krak Chocolade – Belize Peini Plantation Milk 55%


At Krak Chocolade, we are proud of our long-standing tradition of creating delicious chocolates that both long time fans and new customers love. Each bar is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, crafted to offer a journey through the rich and varied world of chocolate. With the finest ingredients and a touch of creativity, we invite you to experience the authentic art of chocolate making with us.

Embark on a delightful journey of indulgence with our milk chocolate bars, hailed as the tastiest chocolate by aficionados. Each chocolate bar, sourced from the lush region of Punta Gorda in Belize, is a tasteful narrative, encapsulating years of tradition and the vibrant community spirit that thrives in the local cacao farming sector.

Indulge in the finest chocolate bar, a savory escapade into the world of pristine cacao genetics that blend the Belizean Trinitario with local Criollo varieties. Through dedicated efforts, a realm of delectable chocolate eating unfolds, offering a strong yet fresh citrusy note that dances on your palate, promising a sublime chocolate journey from November to June, the peak harvest time.

This is not just a chance to buy milk chocolate; it’s an opportunity to be a part of a story, a tradition that stands as a testament to quality and community spirit. Relish in the nuances of Krak Chocolade, where every bite is a piece of art, a melody of flavors that harmonize to bring you the epitome of chocolate indulgence.”

Awards: Academy of Chocolate, 2022 Gold.

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Mark Schimmel is an experienced pastry chef who fell in love with chocolate. Working in in three-start Michelin kitchens, he was introduced to the flavours that can be found in fine cacao. He founded Krak Chocolade and aims to stay as close as possible to the taste profile of the origin and accentuate what makes the each bean unique.Amsterdam port is the world's biggest cacao operation. The "commodity crop" flows through the port but the warehouses and traders also attract many speciality cacao shipments. Every chocolate maker in the world dream of having that many different cacao varieties just down the road and Mark takes full advantage. He focuses on making chocolate for Europe's top restaurants but we're delighted he also makes bars to share with everyone else. See more