Manoa – Hawaiian Sea Salt


There is nothing quite like a subtle twist of salt to help bring out the pile of flavours found in chocolate. Manoa chocolate does this brilliantly with this bar made with Hawaiian sea salt made from Molokai sea water.

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Cocoa content: 70%
Inclusion: Hawaiian Sea Salt
Made in: Hawaii, USA

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Manoa Chocolate Hawaii craft high quality chocolate using sustainable techniques. As well as sourcing quality beans from around the world, they also use cacao grown in Hawaii. Hawaii is the only US state to grow cacao, and the deep flavours reflect the special characteristics of the geography and climate in which it is grown.Manoa improve the profit potential of local farmers and provide opportunities for employment in the local community. They have created some amazing machines from recycled items – they roast using a custom bbq and remove the cacao shells with pedal power and a vacuum. See more