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This 65% dark Belize bar has been mixed with candied orange + vanilla seed. Likening the light & dark of this bar to the renaissance painting technique of chiaroscuro, this bar is a work of art that is meant to be enjoyed.

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Cocoa content: 65%
Origin: Toledo District, Belize
Inclusion: Candied orange + vanilla seed
Made in: Eugene, Oregon, USA

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Mackenzie Rivers makes chocolate with the most passion of anyone we’ve seen. She does EVERYTHING herself, by hand (where possible), and you can tell from the moment you hold these bars they are something special.Mackenzie started with $50 of beans and a borrowed roaster, because she believes “Chocolate is not just a flavor to crave, but a food group. A stand-in for the day when your best friend is MIA, a breakfast food, a bartering tool when words are not enough, a currency of kindness, a fine and lovely thread wrapping round the world.” See more