ÓBOLO – Atacama Rica Rica


“We take our traditional 51% cocoa Dark Milk chocolate and infuse it with an aromatic herb from the north of Chile, known as Rica Rica; it couldn’t have a more apt name. Endemic to the Atacama desert, this plant has a delicate and exotic aroma and flavour. It comes to us through Patricia Pérez, a collector from the indigenous community of Toconao, thanks to whom we can enjoy the minty flavours and fresh rosemary that characterize Rica Rica, and all the ancestral wisdom around this herb. “

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Weight 80 g
Percentage cacao



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Mark Gerrits travelled the world until he fell in love with the Amazon. He ended up working in cacao communities in Ecuador and discovered the wonder of making chocolate. The idea of ÓBOLO was born and in 2013 Mark made his first batch of chocolate. Two years later the factory opened, still the only one in Chile. Spare a thought for South America right now. Now in lock-down, the team is avoiding public transport and their head chocolate maker is enduring an uphill 1 hour bike ride to work (he has a shower before starting) - at least it’d be fun getting home! See more