Ola Pacifica – 70% cacao + natural vanilla


These bars are made with rich Trinitario cocoa, that have rich and complex flavours. The rich, volcanic soil gives exotic floral and citrus notes to the chocolate, which are complemented with hints of vanilla and cinnamon in these two bars – try them both and decide which is your favourite!

Please note this bar has a best before date of December 2018. Chocolate is a lot like wine, the flavours mature over time. It can lose it’s temper and become a little brittle however it will still taste amazing! 

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Cocoa content: 70%
Origin: Samoa
Inclusion: Vanilla
Made in: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

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One of the few vertically integrated chocolate companies in the world; Ola Pacifica grow, manufacture and distribute their own cacao products, ensuring control over cacao quality and the treatment of growers, as well as impact on the environment. Launched in 2011, they import cacao beans from their own family and village owned plantations in Samoa to Hawkes Bay in New Zealand, where they focus on minimal ingredients and processes to maximise flavour. See more