Ritual – Peru Maranon


Although this bar has a smooth and delicate flavour, it is also complex and intriguing. Made with Nacional cacao, one of the most genetically unique beans in the world, it has floral, nutty flavours with hints of apricot.

You have a unique opportunity to taste this chocolate with the chocolate maker! Listen to Episode 4 of the Slow Melt podcast Makers Series to learn more about Ritual chocolate, and do a guided tasting with Robbie, Anna & Simran Sethi!

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Cocoa content: 75%
Origin: Peru
Beans: Nacional
Made in: Park City, Utah, USA

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Robbie Stout and Anna Davies founded Ritual in 2010, with a mission to revive the focus on quality in the chocolate world. At their small factory in Park City, Utah, they are involved in every step of making the chocolate, to ensure quality is part of the whole process.They are committed to supporting the people who grow the raw ingredients for their chocolate. By including no added flavours in their chocolate, they aim to highlight the unique flavours of chocolate from each origin. See more