Shirl + Moss – Kokako Organic Espresso 67%


“We’re so excited to release our latest collab with our friends at Kōkako Coffee! With notes of caramel and spice, Kōkako’s Mahana coffee is complemented by the characteristic layers of red stone fruit expressed in our Kilombero Valley Cacao. This limited edition espresso bar is the product of a shared commitment to the planet and its people. Both the cacao and coffee used in this bar are ethically sourced and have a truly transparent supply chain – from bean-to-bar and crop-to-cup.”

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic Fairtrade Kōkako coffee beans.

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Weight80 g
Percentage cacao


Beans (variety)



Beans (origin)

Siblings Simon and Aimee share a passion for sustainable foods. They grew up on a remote farm in the Marlborough Sounds and it gave then an invaluable understanding of the link between land, people, and produce. Passionate about family and relationships they only select cacao farms which respect the land and the people who call it home. They believe, as we do, that this is where the best quality cacao will be found. In their garage they started making chocolate. They use the finest ingredients they can get and enjoy turning it into something special for you to remember. See more