Soma – Old school dark


This is chocolate as it was ‘back in the day’. Only two ingredients ground together in a vintage melangeur – no further processing, refining or conching. Pure and simple, this is chocolate you can get addicted to!

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Cocoa content: 67%
Origin: Venezuela
Beans: Chuao
Made in: Toronto, Canada

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David and Cynthia started their small, funky chocolate factory in a former whisky distillery in 2003. After making their first batch they knew they were onto something special. They now have a small team, 2 stores and a network of wholesale partners. Their chocolate curiosity means they also have an extensive range of truffles, ice creams, cookies, cakes and hot chocolates made with their chocolate.You have a unique opportunity to taste this chocolate with the chocolate maker! Listen to Episode 1 of the Slow Melt podcast Makers Series to learn more about David, Cynthia & their chocolate, and do a guided tasting with them! See more