Standout Chocolate – Belize Maya Mountain 100%


“For this 100% bar we have used cacao from Maya Mountain in Belize. It has notes of fruity olive oil, citrus and almond.”

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, Organic cacao butter

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Weight50 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

Fredrik Martinsson founded Standout Chocolate with transparency and quality in mind. The goal "to source, craft and share the best chocolate we possibly can, and never cut back on quality." The chocolates are made with complete transparency, Fredrik purchases cacao directly from cooperatives and farmers (if you want know the details he'll tell you) and crafts it into chocolate in his Kållered factory. All his packaging is compostable or made with certified sustainable materials. His focus on two ingredient chocolate is complemented with some superb milk chocolates and extra special "Nordic Nature Collection". Standout chocolate were one of 4 chocolate makers to win 5 gold medals at the 2021 Academy of Chocolate awards - we're sure you'll agree this is delicious chocolate! See more