Tibito – Putumayo


Offsetting an almost caramel or brown sugar sweetness are the bright, fruity red berry flavours of rasberry and cherry. This is a vibrant chocolate with high astringency that ends with subtle woody flavours and mild bitterness.

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Cocoa content: 70%
Beans: Unk
Origin: Putumayo, Colombia
Made in: Bogota, Colombia

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In 2015 Gustavo Pradilla founded Tibito chocolate out of a curiosity and desire to explore the richness of Colombian cocoa. As a chocolate lover he saw the emerging trend for bean to bar chocolate and the rising interest in fine flavour beans from nearby Peru and Ecuador, but felt Colombia was being left behind.He now travels the country finding the finest cocoa beans and working with the best growers to produce chocolates that represent the richness and variety of different regions of Colombia. See more