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“A classic white chocolate with a high level of sophistication: created, bean-to-bar, using aromatic mountain milk from the Tyrol, where cows graze happily under the Wilder Kaiser peak. We also use a high proportion of precious cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, lots of vanilla and a pinch of salt. It’s a tender-melting delicacy. Taste notes: notes of milk caramel, cream pudding, butter streusel and cinnamon”

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Josef Zotter started his confectionery business at age 26 in southern Austria. He won awards for his unusual creations and started to expand, but then had to decide whether to focus on confectionery or chocolate. Lucky for us, he chose chocolate, and over time, he has moved to make all Zotter chocolates bean-to-bar, organic and fairtrade. He is so committed to sustainability that he built his own steam powered generator fuelled by biomass and cocoa bean shells! See more