Australian Chocolate Tasting Kit


It is time to try 12 of Australia’s craft chocolate makers!  There are 37 companies who make their own chocolate from cacao beans (known around the world as “bean to bar chocolate”). 12 of them make bars that fit in small packages and we’ve brought them all together in one single box that will give you a taste of how much amazing variety there is in “craft chocolate”.

The chocolates in this box have retail value over $60 of chocolate + some bars special that you can’t buy even from the chocolate makers  themselves. This box is the first of it’s kind in Australia – it was hard work to pull together but we want you to be able to experience the amazing chocolate being made right here in Australia!

We’re currently offering two versions: a pure dark  chocolate box or a mixed dark  + milk chocolate box. We build each box individually so let us know if you have any special requests (e.g. all the mini bars not just one from each maker OR just $30 worth – we can make you whatever you’d like).

We’re currently shipping box version 4 – the composition differs slightly from the photos/text but it is just as good, if not better!


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This box features chocolate from: Atypic Chocolate, Birdsnake, Cailo Chocolate, Cravve, Cuvee, Elements Chocolate Co, Good Boy Chocolate, Hunted + Gathered, Living Koko, Ratio Cocoa Roasters, Spencer Cocoa & Zokoko.  We hope you fall in love with one of these chocolate makers and can try more of their bars (you can connect with your favourite chocolate maker here to order directly).

Where did this come from? During the lockdowns of 2021 we restarted our Chocolate tasting sessions as virtual events. It was really fun doing zoom tastings with some great companies but the logistics of cutting up bars like we usually do for our in person events was too much. We transitioned to using these mini bars to save ourselves tome time but also give everyone the experience of unwrapping the bar as designed by the chocolate maker (we love the way chocolate tastes but the packaging and experience definitely contributes to the way we feel when we enjoy a chocolate bar).  The mini bar tasting kits were a hit and we’ve worked hard to bring together everything on the market + a few specially made bars that you can’t otherwise buy!



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