Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021

Hot off the press. Announced this morning are the results of the 2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards. Whilst we believe awards are not everything, they undeniably represent recognition on the world stage. Chocolate makers send samples of their bars to over 30 judges who do a blind tasting (i.e. without packaging) and then score them. A final panel then discusses the winners and comes to consensus on the overall winners.

We are excited to see so many of the craft chocolate makers we’ve stocked winning awards this year. Check out the details below and maybe try something new. Congratulations to everyone!

Awards to Australian Chocolate makers

Two Australian chocolate makers won a total of 11 awards at this year’s event. Huge congratulations go to Metiisto Artisan Chocolate (Toowoomba, QLD) and Atypic Chocolate (South Melbourne, VIC)!

Metiisto artisan chocolate won 5 Gold and 3 bronze awards this year! Trevor is no stranger to winning awards, but said “it was a good year for us“. Their 5 gold is one of the biggest hauls from any one chocolate maker this year and once again puts Metiisto in the centre of the world stage. “The awards make all the hard work worth while. All the tweaks and adjustments are obviously paying of with our product getting better every year.” His next challenge is to get the word out around Australia – it must be a weird feeling to be more famous overseas than at home. If you haven’t tried these bars you can order direct at or via our store (see below), you won’t regret it.

  • Gold for the new Berau 73%,
  • Gold for the Tenaru 67%,
  • Gold Solomon islands 100%,
  • Gold Old school milk,
  • Gold Raspberry & licorice
  • Bronze for the new Guara 70%,
  • Bronze Black post milk,
  • Bronze Mocha milk

Metiisto Artisan Chocolate is one of only 4 chocolate makers who won 5 golds at this year’s awards!

Atypic Chocolate (Melbourne) won three awards, a Gold, Silver and a Bronze.

  • Gold Caramelised White Chocolate,
  • Silver 55% Vanuatu Milk
  • Bronze 70% Solomon Islands.

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As Trevor says “Life is too short for shit chocolate” – we couldn’t agree more!

Awards to New Zealand Chocolate makers

Huge congratulations also goes to 3 New Zealand craft chocolate makers: Hogarth Chocolate Makers, Foundry Chocolate and Wellington Chocolate Factory. Karl Hogarth said “With the awards growing year by year they had close to 1000 entries from all over the world, so we are feeling very proud of ourselves.“. David Herrick said this last year when they won 2020 awards for the 2nd year in a row “Huge thanks go out the growers, the fermenters and small co-ops that we work with- thank you for all that you do, to make all that we do possible.” We can’t wait to hear what they think about their third year running!

  • Hogarth Chocolate Makers – Gold – Buttered Toast & Sea Salt
  • Foundry Chocolate – Silver Anamalai Estate, India 70%
  • Foundry Chocolate Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 100%
  • Hogarth Chocolate Makers – Silver – Maple & Walnut
  • Hogarth Chocolate Makers – Bronze- Espresso Italian Roast
  • Hogarth Chocolate Makers – Bronze- Sarsaparilla & Orange
  • Wellington Chocolate Factory – Coconut Milk

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International chocolate Awards for the Bean Bar You collection

Congratulations also to the following chocolate makers we’ve been honoured to share with Australia’s craft chocolate fans: Åkessons’s Organic, Auro Chocoate, Amedei, Argencove, Feitoria do Cacao, Bare Bones Chocolate, Gaston Chocolat, Krak Chocolate, Heinde & Verre, Luisa Abram, LetterPress, McGuire Chocolate, ÓBOLO Chocolate, Raphio Chocolate, Sirene Chocolate and Tosier Chocolate!

And further congratulations to all the other award winners. We can’t wait to share more of them in our upcoming chocolate subscription boxes!

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Chris & Alison