Easter Craft Chocolate 2022

Get ready – Easter is coming and it’s going to be fabulous! Check out some of the amazing offerings made from Australian chocolate makers (who make their own chocolate ‘from bean to bar’). Please consider supporting your local chocolate maker this Easter (the smaller the better).

Chocolate Makers open over the Easter Weekend

It’s not too late to get your hands on some craft chocolate this Easter.

Here are the details of the shops that are open this weekend. Click on the link to get directions to your local chocolate maker:

List of Australian Chocolate Easter specials

Last updated 17/April/2022.

Cuvee Chocolate (VIC) – Eggs & Real Bunny

Certified amazing but this gorgeous real bunny. Check out their full Easter range here. You can buy milk, dark, extra dark! Check out the video below to get you in the mood for Easter! The photo below doesn’t do their website justice – make sure you go here and check it out now, you will want to go and give someone a cuddle someone!

Birdsnake Chocolate (VIC) – 2 Spectacular eggs you won’t forget!

Pre-order now – you won’t want to miss these – we did last year but we’re not going to in 2022!

Ratio Cocoa (VIC) – Massive Selection of eggs and bunnies!

Check out the full range of eggs and bunnies all made from the bean in Brunswick, VIC. One of the most spectacular product in the Australian chocolate market has to be their Speckle Easter egg!

Living Koko (VIC) – Easter Moon special bar

Easter has inspired a special edition bar from Living Koko, made with Tahitian Vanilla Salt, this will celebrate the new Moon. Read Fipe’s inspiration for the bar and you’ll enjoy Easter new way this year.

Zokoko (NSW) – A world of Easter delight!

We’re in Sydney and made it out to visit Michelle and Dean in 2021 on Easter Saturday – the café always had a great buzz about it but it was pumping that weekend. There were more spectacular Easter products than you can imagine. You won’t find them on their website but if you can get there it’s definitely worth the trip.

South Pacific Cacao (NSW) – The ‘ethical egg’, in the form of a cacao pod!

We had the pleasure of savouring a number of these gorgeous pods last year. Jessica (aka ‘The chocolate artisan’) created yet another spectacular creation from her Bean To Bar chocolate (since she started South Pacific Cacao with Brian Atkin she now makes all The Chocolate Artisan creations with their own chocolate). Ngali nuts are special to the Solomon Islands and this is a fabulous way to feature them with cacao from the same islands.

Atypic Chocolate (VIC) – Eggs, chickens and giant chocolate sheep!

You’ll have to head to the South Melbourne Market, but you’ll be rewarded with a selection of spectacular chickens eggs and their famous Easter sheep.

Gabriel Chocolate (WA)

Forget what you know about Easter eggs, Gabriel has some chocolate covered goodies that will be sure to delight – We haven’t tried these yet (until now it’s still been 30’c+) but we can’t wait to! If you want to try the traditional style, they have some pretty impressive baskets for Easter eggs and bunnies.

Mörk Chocolate (Melbourne) – Grab some eggs with your drink

We try and visit Mörk for a chocolate beverage creation every time we get to Melbourne. Only once have we made it there around Easter, we saw these eggs when we walked in but they were sold out by the time we left. Get them whenever you see them available, we’re sure you’ll be delighted.

Spencer Cocoa (Mudgee, NSW)

Mudgee’s own Craft Chocolate Maker – treat yourself to a dozen bunnies, complete with beautiful packaging.

Jasper & Myrtle (Canberra, ACT)

Stand back, the best set of lollipops in the world is back – one milk, dark and white chocolate bunny!

Metiisto Artisan Chocolate (Toowoomba, QLD)

Late to the party but stepping things up a notch is Toowoomba’s own craft chocolate maker, Metiisto! Straight out of their new factory and shop that opened a few days ago, these bunnies and goodies will keep the family quiet and happy (for a few minutes at least as they probably won’t last long)!

17 rocks (Brisbane, QLD)

Brisbane’s only bean to bar chocolate maker is open on Easter Saturday and selling hand painted eggs and hollow chickens.

Hyggelig Fresh Cacao (Sydney, NSW)

We nearly missed this one – a special batch of chocolate pots from Sydney beverage specialists Hyggelig (they also make chocolate which they sell cut up in little pots). Bolivian beans are always a winner!

Cailo Chocolate (Perth, WA)

Not for sale but they look really good so hopefully they’re available for the Perth people next year!

Thank you for supporting craft chocolate this Easter!