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“In Australia, cocoa only grows in a narrow coastal strip of Tropical North Queensland. This is the home of Charley’s! The cocoa beans for this superb dark chocolate are grown at the foot of  Crocodile Mountain in and around the fertile Maria Creek Valley.  They are carefully crafted to produce a very complex, creamy dark chocolate with fruity highlights. Single Origin means that the cocoa beans come only from a specified region and are not blended with others, like fine wine. In mass produced chocolate these differences in flavour and aroma are “blended out”. In our “Origin” chocolate we celebrate these differences as we bring you a unique product. Savour this chocolate and you’ll notice that the flavours will linger pleasantly on your palate.  It also teams beautifully with wine, spirits, coffee and stout. Try it!”

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate 100% Made from Cocoa beans (Australia), Sugar (Australia), Cocoa butter (Venezuela or Peru), Soy Lecithin(Germany). Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids

Allergy Advice: Contains Soy. Made on equipment that also processes tree nuts (Macadamias)

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Charley’s Chocolate Factory in north Queensland is one of the few places in the world where chocolate is grown and made in the same location (tree-to-bar chocolate). Charley and Lynn have two plantations, and also buy cacao beans from other local farms.The rich soil in the area gives their chocolates robust flavours, which they aim to highlight through all steps of fermentation, drying, roasting and conching. See more