Definite Chocolate- 50% Milk Florencia Ortega


“The cacao for this dark milk chocolate bar comes from Florencio Ortega. This small farmer is in the Espaillat province on the foothills of the Septentrional mountain range, a perfect location for growing cacao. The family is growing cacao for over 80 years and it all started with passionate Don Florencio who saw his farm as a gift from nature, always respecting the environment and natural cycles. The tasting notes of this chocolate are almond, cashew, and caramel.”

Ingredients: Organic cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, milk powder

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Jens and Marjorie started micro-batch Definite chocolate in the Dominican Republic back in 2017. You are familiar with the amazing cacao from this region but they wanted to make chocolate locally and work closely with a few key farmers to produce really fine chocolate. We remember seeing their first bars and knowing that at some point we'd they'd be perfect to share with you. It took a few years (and cyclones) for them to iron out some logistics but they're now ready to share with the world. See more