Dick Taylor – Dark Milk


Dick Taylor has finally released a milk chocolate and it has already won an award! This dark milk bar combines Madagascan cacao with milk powder from Humboldt county. Look for tasting notes of dried prunes, almond butter and caramel. 100% organic,100% yum!

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This smooth chocolate has an aroma of dried plums, with hints of tart cherry and some spiciness. It is made with all organic ingredients, and contains no soy, dairy or gluten. Dustin and Adam went from building boats to making chocolate. Passionate about making things by hand, the boys have never shied away from a challenge in order to produce a beautiful product.In their small factory in Eureka, California it takes them tree weeks to make their chocolate in a way that highlights the unique flavours of the cocoa they’ve sourced from fair-trade farms around the world. They love making chocolate, and hope you enjoy eating it just as much! See more