Federation – Ghana


After an initial burst of sweetness, this chocolate gives way to nutty, more savoury flavours of cocoa. This is batch #1 of their bean to bar chocolates, and our customers are the first outside Tasmania to try it!

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Cocoa content: 70%
Origin: Ghana
Made in: Taranna, Tasmania, Australia

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Maurice grew up visiting his local chocolate factory. So when he saw the opportunity to take over a 30 year old confectionary company, he couldn’t say no. Now, he and Helen delight in recreating and sharing the sensory delights of chocolate making with visitors to the Tasman Peninsula.They make a range of confectionary, and have recently introduced their twoingredient bean to bar chocolate. They’d like to showcase cocoa beans from small farmers around the world, with a focus on finding sustainable and ethical cocoa products. See more